News Captains New Year Blog 01/01/2012

Captains New Year Blog 01/01/2012

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Happy New Year to all!


Today marks the first day of the new year, and the first year of the second century for Mosman Rowing Club – a big achievement by any measure. We enter 2012 in a strong position as a Club and as an established nursery of champions, but we can't rest on our laurels. 


2011 involved a lot of thinking about how best to position ourselves for the years ahead and one initiative to come out of this thinking is a new management structure which kicked off last month and is now winding up to full speed. Details of the new structure can be found here and here and it's worth familiarising yourself with the new structure as there are opportunities (and a need!) for many more members to get involved in the running of the club. One of our many aims is to strengthen our sense of community and improve member interaction across all areas of the club. We're also looking to significantly improve our communication within the club and at all levels and you will be seeing more evidence of this very soon!

As John mentioned in his recent President's Report we are currently working to improve our fleet through acquisition. John has done some tremendous work to sell off several old boats and arrange the ordering of a number of new ones so we're off to a flying start, but fleet renewal is an expensive and slow process so it is just as important that we look after our existing fleet and maximise the useful life of every club boat. In addition to minimising damage and fixing what breaks, 2012 will also see a beefing up of our preventative maintenance program to reduce the risk of boats failing us on the water.


Our competitive stocks at all levels are high and growing and it's great to see more MRC zooties lining up to race as time goes by. This of course presents a logistical challenge with more boats being de-rigged, loaded, transported and re-rigged for every regatta. Our performance in this regard has been patchy, so we'll be focussing this year on better regatta planning and a more equitable division of labour at loading and unloading time.


On the subject of moving gear, our development squads leave for their annual training camp at Jindabyne tomorrow (Monday) and two trailer-loads of boats will be going with them. This will leave a somewhat depleted fleet in the sheds between Monday 2nd and Friday 13th January . All the boats that are going to Jindabyne have been made temporarily un-bookable on the Boat Booking system. Please take this into account when planning your on-water sessions over the next couple of weeks. And remember, BOAT BOOKING IS COMPULSORY FOR ALL!

Finally, please be aware that Linda will be running an on-site camp for the Junior Girls from Wednesday 4th to Wednesday 11th January, and the girls will be "living" upstairs in the old sheds during this time. Please step over them quietly on your way to the changing rooms!


I’ll start drilling into some of our main focus areas in my next update, but for now please enjoy New Year’s Day and accept the best wishes of the management team for the year ahead!




01 January 2012


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