News Captains Blog 16/12/2011

Captains Blog 16/12/2011

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Celebrating an eventful and successful weekend of competition at the Inaugural Reindeer Regatta and the NSW Sprint Championships.



Well, we certainly know how to turn up!! Thirty eight Mosman competitors entered last Saturday's inaugural Reindeer Regatta at SIRC, which we thought quite a strong turnout, but this was eclipsed the following day when sixty Mosman rowers pulled on the zootie to race at the 2011 NSW Sprint Championships. This was the biggest turnout by any single club, uni or school and clearly demonstrates the health of Mosman Rowing Club's competitive stocks at all levels. Mosman notched up impressive results on both days across all squads and age groups, demonstrating that we have both quantity AND quality in our ranks.


The award for sheer tenacity has to go to Head Coach and General Guru Nick Garratt. Nick's weekend started early on Friday when he drove one trailer to SIRC then returned to the sheds to collect another. It got really interesting when a wheel flew off the second trailer at high speed on the M7 and bounced across the motorway and into the shrubbery, leaving Nick and an un-towable trailer stranded by the freeway. This was late Friday afternoon, with racing to start early the following morning and a third trailer-load of boats still sitting at our sheds waited to be collected. Somehow, through sheer determination and ingenuity, Nick magically had all three trailers lined up at SIRC barely 12 hours later in time for competition. I don't know what sort of medal this deserves but it's more than gold!


So the weekend proceeded with an army in red and white hoops and half a shedload of Mosman boats at SIRC, setting the stage for an epic weekend of racing and a fresh haul of medals. Highlights from Saturday were wins by both our Men's U21 Coxed Four and Women's U21 Coxed Four. These were State Championship events and the Mosman wins show the emerging strength of our young sweep-oar crews. Congratulations to Rory Glover, Aaron Wright, Charlie Marriott and Jay Ditmarsch, coxed by Chris Ireland, and Georgia Miansarow, Coco Bryant, Georgie Gotch and Ollie Heath, coxed by Chelsea Duncan. Wins were also scored by Robin Molen-Grigull and Ross Jarvis in the U19/U21 Single Scull and Georgie Gotch in a composite Mosman/UTS crew. Great effort by all.


Sunday saw more success in wet and stormy conditions with 6 Gold, 11 Silver and 5 Bronze Medals picked up by Mosman. Top podium finishes went to Charlie Marriott, Aaron Wright, Rory Glover, and Jay Ditmarsch coxed by Jessica Leask in the Under 21 Coxed Four, Jake Waller in the Under 23 1x, Georgia Miansarow in the Under 21 1x and Robin Molen-Grigull in the Under 19 1x in a close fought finish with Rory Glover who picked up the Silver. The Masters got in on the act as well with wins to John Newcomb, Graeme Farrell, Kerry Braslin and John Struik in the Men's Masters Coxless Four and Peter Spasojevic, Mark Lewarne, Mark Connaghan and Jones Matos Da Silva coxed by Rob Wright in the Men's Masters Coxed Four. All squads picked up their share of medals to round out a great weekend for Mosman.


Congratulation to all Mosman competitors on a sensational effort at what were the last two club regattas of the year. We're certainly looking good for 2012!


Thanks also to all those who braved the rain and wind to unload and re-rig the boats and have the whole fleet back up and running by Tuesday morning. This was a great effort by most, but unfortunately there are still some who let their mates do all the heavy lifting. We'll try to fix this in the new year.


Thanks to Jim Aroney, Rocky and others for a great collection of photos which are now available for viewing here (also on the club's facebook page here).


There's plenty more news to share but I'll save that for one final 2011 update next week.




16 December 2011



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